CT-7EQ // 7 Band 1/2 Din Parametric Car Audio Equalizer with AUX Input

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The CT-7EQ is a 7 band 1/2 din parametric car audio equalizer designed to divide and enhance the segment of frequency for your car audio application. The car audio equalizer features 7 bands that divide 20Hz - 20kHz into 7 segments. Each knob can control the volume of each segment so that you can take full control over your system.

Included with the car equalizer are installation brackets and hardware.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Parametric Equalizer : 50Hz, 125Hz, 315Hz, 750Hz, 2.2KHz, 12KHz
  2. Boost/Cut Range : ± 18dB
  3. S/N Ratio: 90dB
  4. Frequency Response : 25Hz-50KHz
  5. Power Source: 10-14.4V
  6. Input Current : .05A Max
  7. Distortion : 0.01% THD at 1V Output
  8. Output Voltage: 8.1V
  9. Frequency Response : 10Hz-30KHz ±3dB
  10. Output Level : +16 dB
  11. Separation : >60dB
  12. Bass Adjust : ±10dB
  13. Mid Adjust : ±10dB
  14. Treble Adjust: ±10dB
  15. Sub Bass : 43Hz & 60Hz
  16. SD/USB : No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Winston Woodward
    Far superior product for the money

    I got this EQ to replace one I had from a competitor (DS). At first glance they would appear identical but far from it. Just picking them up side by side you immediately feel the difference. The CT one is much heavier and sturdier feeling. Seriously it’s like comparing a Prius to a C-10 truck and the difference is much more than just the gauge of the sheet metal. You can literally feel the night and day difference in the knobs. One feels like a cheap toy and the other feels like a quality built piece of “pro audio” equipment. Hell even the manual and packaging are far superior. The other brand didn’t even come with any diagrams on how to install it or nothing it literally said “ it should be installed by a professional” and something to the effect of if you don’t know how to install it bring it somewhere. Granted I knew how to install it but still what kinda s*^t is that???. Also I want to add this is the 2nd CT sounds product I’ve bought and unlike the competition stuff it’s cheap but It last. The 6.5” speakers I bought have been taking a beating for about a year at a little more power RMS than what they are supposed to take and they still hanging tuff. Sometimes they smell like I BarBQued them but after they cool back down they are fine. Unlike that other company’s speakers that sounds great for about a week then like garbage and they keep blowing with less power than they are rated at.. I plan on eventually replacing my subs and ALL my equipment with CT sounds stuff when I get my money right. If you are skeptical about purchasing anything from CT sounds like I was the first time, don’t be , I’m an old head and have been beating up the block for decades and have used almost every brand over the years and CT sounds Is where it’s at !!! just pull the trigger already!!! You will not be disappointed. Dollar for dollar you won’t find a better product

    Daniel Funk
    Great features

    Great features, exceptional value. Looking forward to hooking it up.

    George hamilton
    Great product

    Iv had multiple eq in past this seems to be the best 1 yet

    Charles Weller
    I've already gave you a review on this

    And I already been emailing back and forth with another guy there that I gave you guys a idea on how to improve this product. And I hope someday to be a product tester for you guys! I have 2 of your 18" Tropo Subs and this EQ and I do recommend your product to everyone and your stickers are on my house! Lol

    Carl Johnson

    CT-7EQ // 7 Band 1/2 Din Parametric Car Audio Equalizer with AUX Input