Dual 12 Inch Vented Subwoofer Box Design

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The dual 12-inch vented subwoofer box design provides you with the blueprints to build your own vented subwoofer box. This dual 12-in sub-box design has a volume of 3.00 ft3 and a tuning frequency of 35 Hz. 

A PDF of the blueprint (box design) will be emailed in less than 30 minutes after you order. If you don't receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us at hello@ctsounds.com.

*Note: All box designs are non-returnable. There is no refund on box designs. 

Watch how to make the box below:

When you want some clean sounding bass look no further than the Strato 12” subwoofers. Clean subwoofers deserve a clean box to play in. For the latest collaboration between CT Sounds and myself, Mark of CarAudioFabrication I wanted to build a box that would not only sound great, but would look sharp and integrate well into a vehicle.

To begin I started with a design that is available for download here on the CT Sounds website. I cut each of the pieces to spec following all of the dimensions that are noted in the design.

With all of the pieces cut I used my router to perform edge profiling, rounding over parts of the customized baffle as well as parts of the port for smooth airflow. Also note I made a window brace to keep the box structure nice and strong in order to handle the power of this subwoofer.

With all the pieces cut it was time to start assembly. I always start with assembling the back, bottom, and one side, I do this because this is a great way to verify the enclosure will definitely fit in the vehicle. Since it does in fact fit I proceed with the rest of the assembly of this dual subwoofer enclosure.

Once the box was assembled it was time to paint the front baffle and ported section of the enclosure. This will give a clean look and accent well with the carpet. Next I protect the painted areas with tape and apply upholstery glue and wrap the box in carpet. When using upholstery adhesive be sure to cover both surfaces, allow the glue to fully dry, and then begin wrapping. I always make sure to account for the carpet wrapping process in the build of the enclosure in order to plan where the seams of the carpet will be. In this case I use hard lines on the perimeter of the port and on the sides of the enclosure as guides for precisely cutting the carpet.

I concluded the box build with installing wiring and secured the subwoofer into the box. The box is now ready to be installed into a vehicle! Thanks for checking out this build!

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12" dual ported

I would have to say the blueprint and design fit perfectly together but I have been a carpenter for about 15 years now so it was easy for me to understand what was in front of me and assemble it as it was meant to be and it turned out as professional as one could ever desire.
They only thing I will say is if you're not familiar of reading blueprints and looking at detail it would be easy to make a few mistakes ( because it's a blueprint and not an instruction manual)
But with that being said I will be looking at other blueprints to be building more stuff in the future from you guys

Bheki Vincent Mnisi

Dual 12 Inch PORTED Subwoofer Box Design

Sammy mbugua Mwaura

Dual 12 Inch PORTED Subwoofer Box Design

I like that you guys have blueprints guys like my self and build these boxes enjoy the fruits of ...

Great teamwork love your product I have eight speaker system 6.5”6x9” 8” 12” meso 1500; amp hitting hard and always recommend you guys to everybody Who me what you got in There,!,,

Howard Pepple
Dual 12" Ported Box

Great design and paperwork. Step by step instructions and also a video to help out on YouTube. I went and bought a router do it exactly like it should be, wasnt necessary but did it anyways great product guys .