MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set

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It’s no surprise the CT Sounds Meso components have been a best-selling product of CT Sounds for years. The Meso 6.5” 3-way component speakers are custom engineered to bring you the highest tonal accuracy by providing a well-balanced experience of rich tones from powerful mid-bass to snappy highs.

The 6.5-inch component woofer features a fiberglass cone and nitrile butadiene rubber surround which allows the 6.5 component speaker to deliver top notch sound quality and mid-bass to your vehicle. The 3.5-inch midrange speaker features a fiberglass cone, nitrile butadiene rubber surround, and a neodymium motor assembly which will have your music heard from several blocks away. To finish the equation, the 1-inch silk dome tweeters are suspended in ferrofluid with a N38H motor assembly to provide an accurate reproduction of your favorite tracks. These 25mm silk-dome tweeters are housed in a brushed aluminum flush mount bracket to keep your ride looking sharp.

If you want to play your music loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear, then look no further than the Meso 6.5” 3-Way Component Speaker Set.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 250 Watts (Pair)
MAX Power: 500 Watts (Pair)
Speaker Type: 6.5" 3-Way Component
Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 6.5” 3-Way Car Component Speaker Set
  • Power per speaker set: 125W RMS | 250W MAX
  • Total system power: 250W RMS | 500W MAX
  • Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 1.4” EISV Voice Coil
  • Fiberglass Cone
  • Nitrile Butadiene Rubber Surround
  • Aluminum Basket
  • 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • 3-Way Component Speaker Set Includes:
    • (2) 6.5” Midrange Woofers
    • (2) 3.5” Neo Midrange Woofers
    • (2) 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeters
    • (2) 18 dB Passive Crossover Networks
    • Screws and Mounting Brackets
    • Premium Wire For Easy Installation
    • Speaker Grilles for 6.5” and 3.5” Midrange Woofers
6.5" Woofer Specifications:
Voice Coil Size: 1.4"
Sweep Voltage: 11 V
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 89 dB
X-Over Point: 2.8 kHz
Resonant Frequency: 65 Hz
Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 4.5 kHz
Magnet Weight: 21 Oz
Magnet Type: Ferrite
3" Mid-range Woofer Specifications:
Power per Speaker: 30W (RMS) | 60W (MAX)
Total System Power: 60W (RMS) | 120W (MAX)
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 88 dB
X-Over Point: 2.5 kHz
Resonant Frequency: 65 Hz
Frequency Response: 300 Hz ~ 1500 Hz
Magnet Weight: 1.9 Oz
Magnet Type: Neo
Tweeter Specifications:
Sweep Voltage: 2.8 V
Output SPL (@1w/1m): 90 dB
Frequency Response: 1500 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Tweeter Size: 25mm
Tweeter Type: Silk-dome
Magnet Type: Neo
Crossover Specifications:
Crossover Circuit: 5.6 μF capacitor / 100 V
Filter for Woofer: 12 dB
Filter for Mid-range: 18 dB
Filter for Tweeter: 12 dB
6.5” Woofer Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 6.75"
Cutout Diameter: 5.70"
Magnet Diameter: 4.17"
Magnet Height: 1.22"
Mounting Depth: 2.87"
Overall Height: 3.10"
3” Mid-range Woofer Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 3.56"
Cutout Diameter: 2.87"
Magnet Diameter: 2.03"
Mounting Depth: 1.62"
Tweeter Mounting Specifications:
Overall Diameter: 2.12"
Cutout Diameter: 1.75"
Mounting Depth: 0.75"

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Meso 3-way components for the win!

They do require some added mounting depth, but definitely worth the custom mounting install. They sound amazing , loud and clear. I am running two sets front and rear in my Hyundai Equus. I couldn't be happier!

Quick and quality

Some of the best quality in the audio industry. I wish I had more vehicles to install their equipment in. Not only do they have the best quality but they also have fast and accurate shipping and some of the best tech support and general knowledge. Someone with CT Sounds helped me bc I was on my way to picking out the wrong stuff. So don't be afraid to ask for help bc they will not lead you wrong or try to up sale you. 10 stars and always will be a customer. Pictures to come.

So loud they hurt my ears 😃

I was originally wanting to spend twice the amount on some higher end 3 ways but for the price I thought ide try CT sound, I'm glad I did because I am extremely happy with the quality of the sound, not only that the build quality is top notch. Honestly I would of paid more! Clarity and mids good, if anything a little bright. Bass is also really good. Easily powered by a compact kenwood 600w amp too. For the money they are probably the best out there, if you spend more it may be a little better but not by enough to justify unless your going ultra high end

Isaiah Garza
Really really good

I've know about ct for their amps being really good but this was the first time I've purchased the myself and was really impressed by the build and sound quality of these speaker being that they are a 3-way component I have on a massive amp 1000 watt 4 channel and they handle the power with no problem at all will buy again in the future.

Angel Robles

MESO-6-5-3WAY-COM // Meso 6.5 Inch 500 Watt 3-Way Component Speaker Set