STRATO-PA-6-5-COM // Strato PA 6.5 Inch 240 Watt 2-Way Pro Audio Component Speaker Set

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The CT Sounds Strato PA 6.5” Component Speakers are a high SPL pro audio component speaker that are an excellent choice when you want excellent sound quality for your system. Engineered to reproduce midrange frequency with exceptional sound quality, these eye-catching speakers will have your ear thanking you with their impressive 240 watt max power handling.

The custom 1.52” CCAW voice coil designed with a relatively thin wire winding allows this component speaker set to play louder at lower power levels than the competition. Rated at 60W RMS per speaker, these 6.5 component speakers will have you playing any genre of music as loud as you want with no distortion. Furthermore, the paper cone and cloth surround creates an accurate reproduction of your music. And the silver stranded tinsel leads ensure the best connection is made to the voice coil.

These speakers are a marvel to any pair of ears and will be able to handle the power of just about any 4-channel amplifier. So if you want a pair of speakers that elevate your system to the stratosphere then look no further than the Strato PA 6.5” Component Speakers from CT Sounds.

Quick Facts:
RMS Power: 120 Watts (Pair)
MAX Power: 240 Watts (Pair)
Speaker Type: 6.5" 2-Way Component
Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 6.5” 2-Way Pro Audio Car Component Speaker Set
  • Power per speaker set: 60W RMS | 120W MAX
  • Total system power: 120W RMS | 240W MAX
  • Voice Coil Configuration: Single 4-Ohm
  • 1.52” CCAW Voice Coil
  • Paper Cone
  • Cloth Surround
  • Nomex Blend Spider Pack
  • 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeter
  • 2-Way Component Speaker Set Includes:
    • (2) 6.5” SPL Midrange Woofers
    • (2) 25mm Silk-Dome Tweeters
    • (2) 12 dB Passive Crossover Networks
    • Screws and Mounting Brackets
    • Premium Wire For Easy Installation
    • Speaker Grilles for 6.5” Midrange Woofers
    Woofer Specifications:
    Voice Coil Size: 1.52"
    Sweep Voltage: 12 V
    Output SPL (@1w/1m): 90 dB
    X-Over Point: 3.0 kHz
    Resonant Frequency: 90 Hz
    Frequency Response: 65 Hz - 20 kHz
    Magnet Weight: 25 Oz
    Magnet Type: Ferrite
    Tweeter Specifications:
    Sweep Voltage: 2.8 V
    Output SPL (@1w/1m): 90 dB
    Frequency Response: 1500 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    Tweeter Size: 25mm
    Tweeter Type: Silk-dome
    Magnet Type: Neo
    Crossover Specifications:
    Crossover Circuit: 5.6 μF capacitor / 100 V
    Filter for Woofer: 12 dB
    Filter for Tweeter: 12 dB
    Mounting Specifications:
    Overall Diameter: 6.65"
    Cutout Diameter: 5.60"
    Magnet Diameter: 4.57"
    Magnet Height: 1.14"
    Mounting Depth: 2.78"
    Overall Height: 2.95"

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 35 reviews
    Damon Espinoza
    Strato components

    Best bang for your buck super loud and crisp and just want more and more power. Build quality it great! The magnet is big on the 6.5 so take that into consideration as far as mounting depth if you are puting then in doors. Wish they would stay on stock so I can buy another set!

    Slim Pickens
    Cant beat em

    I tried every big name component set you can think of i have these runnin off a kicker 200.4 and man do they sound amazing. Definitely would recommend!!

    Joel Ybamit
    Crispy Clear

    Performed very well, clean and crispy sounds 💗💗💗

    Timothy Kinsey
    Strato Pa 6.5

    I've had these installed a lil over two weeks and I have to say that they very loud and sound great with my strato 6.5 coaxial's

    The best quality CT offers!

    I didn't review these even though I've had them for a few months because I don't do reviews, and it's been a long time since I had a good sound system. I haven't paired with a 125.4 amplifier I just knew it sounded really nice.

    However, I recently purchased and installed a set of Meso 3-way components because I wanted to take the sound to next level. As far as volume goes, the Mesos can be turned up uncomfortably loud with no distortion. As far as quality goes, these Strato PAs knock it out if the park. Though they can't achieve the raw volume of the Mesos, they can achieve greater clarity even at a volume that will eventually become fatiguing but, let's be real, you're going to be listening to your music at a comfortable level most of the time anyway. At that level you can hear much more, including mid-bass, with these PAs than you can with the Mesos.

    If you want to play your music loud enough for the entire neighborhood here, get the Meso 3 ways. If you want to enjoy your music at all volumes, buy these. Now!